My Smartest Fitness Coach

SheypMe is the first fitness app with real, personalized workout and meal plans, all handcrafted by experts, coming soon on App Store and Google Play.

  • Uniquely Tailored Fitness Plans

    Get fully personalized 12-week meal & workout plans according to your goals, gender, BMI, BMR , fitness level, workout place and other factors.
  • How is my plan created?
    All workout and meal plans are handcrafted by expert coaches with years of experience. Unique plans are tailored by your goals, gender, BMI, BMR, fitness level, workout place and other factors.
  • Which goals can I achieve by using the app?
    You can choose between: Lose Weight (4 levels - depending on your fitness level), Gain Muscle, Get Toned, Stay Fit, Cardio, Get strong, Boost Your Endurance, Fit While Pregnant (40-week), Fit After Baby.
Fit While Pregnant
Get strong
Boost your endurance
Stay fit
Get toned
Lose weight
Fit after baby
Gain muscle
  • Build And Track a Healthy Routine

    Smart reminders and personal statistics help you track your day-to-day progress while maintaining healthy habits.
  • Give & Get Support

    Connect with others to help you push through and give boost to those who need it the most. Share the experience with your new friends and achieve your goals together.

  • Workout & Excercises

    Personalized plans follow you at home or at the gym. Our short HD videos make sure you stay injury-free wherever you choose to excercise.

  • How can I switch between home and gym workout?
    Home or gym – it’s your call. SheypMe is the first app with this innovative feature – home/gym trainings are synchronized so wherever you are you will exercise the same muscle group according to your plan.
  • What are the minimal requirements for home workout?
    You don’t need any equipment for the workouts and just a small space (2x2m) is required for all home trainings.
  • What if I’m injured and still want to workout?
    There’s a feature called Sports Injury Recovery – the app asks you about your injuries (knees, shoulders, back, hips) and gives you a workout for the same muscle group you should be doing but without putting pressure on the injured part of your body.
  • I don’t know how to perform the exercise, what now?
    Short HD videos with built-in directions show you the right moves while helping you to stay injury-free. Duration of the videos is 15-20 seconds.
  • Personalized meals & nutrition

    Enjoy hundreds of healthy, easy to follow and delicious recipes we deliver in app just for you. Simply choose what type of food works for you - Regular, Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free. SheypMe also helps you plan a trip to the grocery store by creating your shopping list.

  • How important is the right meal plan?
    First step to a healthier lifestyle is realizing the importance of nutrition, exercise and connection between the two.
    As all of our plans are handcrafted and in sync with your personalized workout plan, you will get the same results no matter what type of dieting plan you choose (Regular, Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free).
    P.S. Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym :)
  • How are the personalized meal plans created?
    All meal plans are based on your own BMR, activity and fitness goal. Your meal plan is pre-calculated to suit your calorie intake with great balance of micro and macro nutrients.
  • How can the right meal plan help you get the best from each exercise?
    Meals you eat before and after the workout can play a key role to get the best from your training if done right. That is why we integrated Pre-Workout and Post-Workout meals. On workout days, your daily meal plan will be adjusted according to your exercise and with right amount of calories, protein, fat and carbs. Eat smarter, achieve more!
  • I don’t know how to cook, will I be able to prepare the meals?
    All of our recipes are simple, with easy to follow, step by step instructions and included ingredients list.
  • What if I don’t like the recipe?
    You can choose between different meals that have the same effect and importance according to your meal plan. Simply slide to another meal you like more.
  • How can the app help with my grocery shopping?
    SheypMe creates you a grocery list according to your meal plan. Best part is you can share it with your partner, roommate or anyone you do your grocery shopping with.
25 minute preparation time

Peanut Butter Cookies

Packed with true peanut butter flavour and high in protein, those cookies are perfect for a pre- or post-workout snack!

Protein Rich
Healthy Fats
25 minutes preparation time

Ultimate Veggie Burger With Pickled Carrot Slaw

A low-fat veggie burger made with sweet potato, quinoa and mushrooms looks great and taste great!

Vegetarian Friendly
  • Anywhere You Go, Even
    Without Internet

    On the go? Like to have the benefit of using low or no data at all? No problem! Everywhere and on every device, innovative video player and offline mode lets you stick to your plan, even without internet connection.

  • On which devices is SheypMe available?
    Using iOS, Android or Desktop computer? SheypMe is available on all major platforms so you can use it on any device you have.
  • Which features can I use if I don’t have internet connection?
    All of the features in your plan can be downloaded two weeks in advance, including workout videos. If you don’t have internet connection you can use the app with all the data you have downloaded. Also, if you’re an easy data user or have a bad internet connection video player will adjust video quality to the connection you have.
  • Is my data saved even without internet connection?
    All the data you save while offline will be updated in the app as soon as you’re connected to internet.
  • Will video exercises use large amount of data?
    We want you to have full control over the usage and data so there’s an option in app settings where you can choose the quality of the videos. Video duration is 15-20 seconds so it won’t use large data amount even in HD.